Saturday, May 06, 2006

Back to work and home again

I got over my minor sickness and returned to work, same old shit, still bad feelings on the shift, and the feeling that something was about to give.

It just didn't feel normal, and even though the Fuhrer still worked us a bit hard, you could feel it was all pointless, day shifts come and went and we started nights, we had been told a couple of months earlier that as things were, night shift would end at the end of May and the whole shooting match would collapse sometime in August, I said then to my mate Russell, that him and I would be out of a job then, he kept asking for a rise. The question was asked at the begining of nights, when we were going to have the revue of pay rates, and we were told we would all be called in for a personel, one on one chat during that week. The time came, second last night shift, and Russell was looking forward to his pay rise, I told him not to be silly, we were gonna get the arse. I was last in, Russell had already been tramped (we have a secret channel on the radio) I went in and before the axe man could do the deed, I told him if someone has to go, I volenteer! blew the wind right out of his sails, I was gonna go anyway, offered me some job at Woodie Woodie, but I had done my time in that dirty Manganese province, and told him nicely to shove it up his arse. I have a fortnight to do, and then am officialy unemployed again, and I don't care.

Finished the night shifts and because the designated driver blew numbers (who ever drives the car into the airport, has to do a breatherlizer, and as I had worked the night shift and don't drink anyway, I passed, so drove) another feather in my cap, because if I had refused, and I was entitled to, having worked nightshift, the boss who had just sacked me would have had to drive us in. I slept most of Thursday afternoon, then on Friday morning rang the labour hire mob I work through to tell them I was finishing after the next swing. They were surprised but said there should be an opportunity to work in a close by mine (close to the mine I was at, not home) starting about the time I would finish at Coobina, same deal, two weeks on and a week off, living in the Con Camp in Newman which is all brand new, all en-suite rooms and five bucks an hour more, now I don't have the new job yet but it sounds promising, so I am starting to believe that clouds have a silver lining after all.


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