Saturday, April 08, 2006

A quick visit

The two weeks back at work did not pan out as planned, I went back on the Thursday, no problems, plane on time, nice drive to the camp, threw my gear in the room, boots on and off to work. Struggled through the day, knocked of a bit early because there was a blast on, ate and slept.

Following morning I woke up and toddled off down to get some breakfast, no worries, even had porridge on the menu, off to work, did my job and came home again. That’s when the problems started. A power board had blown up and we had no power at the mess, and no water in the rooms, a barbecue was organised while the electrician set to fix the problem. We had our tea with the help of a set of lights run by a generator, but there was still no water in the rooms, laid on the bed and listened to some music on the old lap top, as the television was not working due to the power being out down the mess area, was reading a book when the power went out, still no water. The power never came on again but somehow the water was back on again by the morning, had a shower with the help of a little torch I keep for emergencies and set off looking for breakfast. The cook, stout fellow that he is, was cooking us eggs and bacon on the barbecue, so at least we had some tucker inside for a gruelling day ahead.

Things settled down after that until Tuesday morning, when I had a lump come up in my groin area, did not worry greatly, it felt like a muscle strain, when it was bigger Wednesday morning I made plans to borrow a car on Thursday and nip into Newman (90 kilometres away) and get it checked by a doctor. I drove in and saw the doctor and he diagnosed it as an infected lymph gland, gave me a course of antibiotics, and said I had to rest my leg for a week and no work, drove back to the camp and flew back home on Friday morning. I am now resting the leg and getting my wife and daughter to run around after me as I put on the agony.


At 4:33 AM, Anonymous octarine said...

*Strewth* Quite a day! I trust that your 'injury' is now much improved :)


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