Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Well the whole of 2005 has come and gone and I have decided to resurect the old Blog.

I worked for a while at the St. Ives mine in Kambalda, but found it hard going, the job was all right, just driving a truck around a goldmine. The people were a bit strange, all Kiwis, some pretty good people some rather strange. What made me leave was the fact that I had no transport and we were working four weeks on and a week off. In the middle of the swing we ended up with a weekend off, and with no transport, I was stuck in the camp, the television reception was poor, only two snowey channels and the radio was non existent. I spent the weekend in the camp, going up the wall, went in on Monday and quit.

I then scored a job driving a loader at Telfer, little crushing plant in the pit. This was a great job, good gear, nice work colleages, and fantastic messing facilities, My room was a bit small but I hooked my television thingy into my laptop and had about fifteen channells to chose from. The only problem we had was getting the dirt to crush, the client, being a huge company, didn't know what was happening and we spent more time chasing dirt that processing it. The upshot was, I spent a fortnight there, and then came down to Perth for a week and then was told to hang on for a few days as there were still problems with the dirt, this went on for a couple of weeks and I was offered another job, so got my gear flown down and started another job.

The next job was at a place called Coobina, a chromite mine in the Pilbara, now I had worked here before when it was owned by different people, and had some pleasent memories of the place. The mine had changed a lot and was working very professionaly. I was employed to drive a little articulated dump truck, and mostly this is what I have been doing for the last nine months. The camp is pretty good, nice en-suite rooms and the messing is mostly pretty good, but sometimes the food leaves a bit to be desired. The people on the whole are pretty good, no major dramas, until a few weeks ago, when we changed the shift superviser, a couple of guys left and there was a lot of bad feelings on the shift, I am taking an extra two weeks off at the moment and will see how things are when I get back, if the vibes are still not good I may quit and cast around for another job.


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Glad to have you back x


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