Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Back to work

I have just had about four weeks of a sort of holiday down in Perth.

I work up in the bush for two weeks and then get a week off home in Perth, we actualy came out two days late due to some inclement weather, so a weeksR&R and then a swing off and another weeks R&R should have given me 28 days off but I had to make do with 26.

I had all sorts of plans for the time off, but the best laid plans of mice and men are oft to go astray (apologies to Rabbie Burns). My first stumbling block was the weather, March should be cooling off and nice weatherto paint the house, but not this year, the summer was late coming and a sight bloody later going, so after it cooled down a bit I managed to do some preperation and it will get done next time (or the time after). Had my son turn up on R&R from Queensland, so that slowed down things a bit, then just after we had bundled him back to QLD, up pops a daughter for an extended stay, she is no trouble and good to argue with.

So it is back to work tomorrow, two weeks in the bush, good food and no problems, only worry is that there is a bit of bad feeling on the shift so it may be a little trying, I will probably enjoy myself and will tell the story when I get back home in about a fortnight.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Well the whole of 2005 has come and gone and I have decided to resurect the old Blog.

I worked for a while at the St. Ives mine in Kambalda, but found it hard going, the job was all right, just driving a truck around a goldmine. The people were a bit strange, all Kiwis, some pretty good people some rather strange. What made me leave was the fact that I had no transport and we were working four weeks on and a week off. In the middle of the swing we ended up with a weekend off, and with no transport, I was stuck in the camp, the television reception was poor, only two snowey channels and the radio was non existent. I spent the weekend in the camp, going up the wall, went in on Monday and quit.

I then scored a job driving a loader at Telfer, little crushing plant in the pit. This was a great job, good gear, nice work colleages, and fantastic messing facilities, My room was a bit small but I hooked my television thingy into my laptop and had about fifteen channells to chose from. The only problem we had was getting the dirt to crush, the client, being a huge company, didn't know what was happening and we spent more time chasing dirt that processing it. The upshot was, I spent a fortnight there, and then came down to Perth for a week and then was told to hang on for a few days as there were still problems with the dirt, this went on for a couple of weeks and I was offered another job, so got my gear flown down and started another job.

The next job was at a place called Coobina, a chromite mine in the Pilbara, now I had worked here before when it was owned by different people, and had some pleasent memories of the place. The mine had changed a lot and was working very professionaly. I was employed to drive a little articulated dump truck, and mostly this is what I have been doing for the last nine months. The camp is pretty good, nice en-suite rooms and the messing is mostly pretty good, but sometimes the food leaves a bit to be desired. The people on the whole are pretty good, no major dramas, until a few weeks ago, when we changed the shift superviser, a couple of guys left and there was a lot of bad feelings on the shift, I am taking an extra two weeks off at the moment and will see how things are when I get back, if the vibes are still not good I may quit and cast around for another job.