Friday, March 25, 2005

A Change of Scenery

I am no longer employed at the Normay Gold Mine, in the North Pole Dome.

I tried to leave on the fifteenth of December 2003, but instead had a week off and returned on the twenty second of December for three weeks, sitting the camp over Christmas.

There were a couple of reasons that I quit, one was that I had an exile from Bamboo, staying there, there had been some kind of coup, or attempted coup, at Bamboo Creek, this guy was sacked and then reinstated but sent over to my camp on some cooked up sampling work. Several of the old timers visited on odd occasions, and nice people that they were, I was loosing my solitude, I had to start wearing cloths to and from the shower, and thinking of other people. Then I got to thinking, hey I am becoming a hermit and feeling pissed off, with company, I had better get out of this place, before I really become a sad git who needs to be alone (shades of Greta Garbo here)

I finaly quit on the 12th January, but not after I spent a few special hours at the Ironclad Hotel in Marble Bar with most of the crew from Bamboo.

I still have a few stories from my time at the North Pole and will try and post them on this blog in the coming weeks.

I have now moved my place of employment to a place called Kambalda, about 55 kilomtres east of Kalgoorlie, we are mining gold from a salt Lake called Lake Lefroy, and I am driving a 150 tonne truck, some interesting people here , and I will put a few stories together when I have sorted my Internet connection out. I have already been to a couple of old Pubs that are all that remain of some old towns.

I might need to change the title of the block, something along the line of working in a salt mine methinks.


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