Thursday, July 01, 2004

A fine start

It was a fine start to my R&R leave, I got out of bed about four thirty am, started the old heart with a full bush breakfast, a strong coffee, a fag and a good look around, threw my few bits and pieces in my little carry on bag, woke my mate Dave up and had a cup of tea and some cereal, and about five thirty started on the journey down the dirt road to meet the outgoing Bamboo crew where my dirt road meets the sealed highway.

I had checked the vehicle out the day before for fuel, water, oil and such and we set off. We had not gone far when we noticed the headlights were not real bright, it was still as dark as Joe Lousies arse, a million or more stars but not a bit of moon. The general consensus was that the lights were not good but we could get down the road all right, after all we were both rough tough hairy arsed miners. Well the lights went from not very bright to being very dim, and after we had travelled about ten kilometres and were getting among the hills the lights went from very dim to being no lights at all. I was going on leave so it was important to get to the turn off, so what we did was to hang a torch out of the window, the morning was as cold as I have known it in this tropical paradise that I call my home, but we persevered and got through the hills ok.

Once we were out of the hills it got a little bit better, we still couldn’t see bugger all but there was the hint of a bit of light in the east, and we could see the Spinifex on both sides of the road, we couldn’t see the road itself but guessed it must be the dark bit in between the not so dark bits. We made Miralgo creek alright and once we drove out over the bank the light had got pretty good and we only had twenty kilometres to go and we started to get a bit of a clop on and made the last ten kilometres in famous time and could see for miles, so we arrived at the main road just as the sun poked over the horizon. We were still in plenty of time and probably smoked a couple of cigarettes before the Bamboo crew turned up. I jumped in with them, Dave drove back to the camp and charged the battery up, then he had to take the car into Hedland the following day to get it fixed.

The silly thing was that I was supposed to take it in on the Wednesday, but the orders were changed late Tuesday afternoon.


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