Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Mundane things

Well I haven't written lately, the main reason for this is that nothing much has been happening up here in Club Normay. We did walk an excavator thirty kilometres a couple of weeks ago, it took two and a half days, now that might seem mighty slow but them big things are not designed for walking, they are designed to sit on a bench and dig, and move a few feet occasionaly. The stop speed is about three kilometres an hour, OK I hear you thinking, thirty kilometres at three kilometres an hour, that's only ten hours.
Of course nothing is ever that simple, you have to keep a close eye on the oil, they are driven by hydraulics, you also have to change around and run in reverse for half the time, and then you have to stop about every hour and let the oil cool down.
I should also explain that by walking I mean travelling under it's own power for a long distance, and the reason for this is because we could not get a truck (or lorry) past Miralgo creek, which was still flowing, and we had nothing to fix the road back up untill we walked the digger there and used that, again a hundred tonne excavator is not desinged for this, and although we fixed the road after a fashion, it was still pretty rough, but we could get a float (low Loader)into it and a semi trailer (artic) truck up to the camp. This truck brought in an old loader to load some gold concentrate to be processed at Bamboo creek. they left the loader for me, and I had great plans to fix the road, on the Saturday morning I took the loader and fixed my road down to the Dresser mine so it was easier for me to get there to turn my water pump on, in the sfternoon I fixed up a couple of creek crossings out towards the mine. While working the old loader I was planning what else I would do, and was a bit pissed off to find a phone message waiting for me when I got back to the office to say they were coming back the following day to get the loader and could I make sure that the mile or so of deep sand was cleared away on the road into my camp as the truck had had troublw negotiating it and the four wheel drive had got bogged there, and they would be over about lunch time. I set of early the next morning and spent several hours clearing the sand and rebuilding the road, working on the assumption that they would have to come past me I carried on past lunch time clearing the sandy bit and started back towards camp fixing the worst bits as I went, I managed to get back to camp about three PM and rang up to see how far away the truck was, only to be told it would be there first thing in the morning, they were starting early and picking the digger bucket up on the way, I offered to work my way towards them fixing the road but they said no, so I lost a few hours there, but they are happy with what I did manage to acheive on the road.


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