Monday, May 31, 2004


It has been an interesting week, on last Friday, the 21 May, A geology student working on a study of very old fossils that are found close to my camp, turned up eventually, he had been expected on Wednesday. With him was a very interesting American, about my age, a doctor by profession, who is working on some gizmo, that should be able to look at rocks on Mars and tell if life existed there at some stage in history. This area where I am has some of the oldest rocks in the world and in among all these rocks are the oldest fossils yet found.

They were equipped with the latest Toyota Landcruiser that had more bits and pieces on it that you could ever imagine, it had huge long range tanks for the fuel, a very large water tank, a fridge, a compressor to blow their tyres up and all the gear for survival in the bush, unfortunately it rained over night and got about five miles from the camp and died, the lads walked back to camp and I went and looked at it, on opening the bonnet, I saw more relays than were healthy, and even with my multi metre, I could not find the short. I towed them back to the camp and they set about calling up everybody they could think of, we eventually got a tilt truck out to take it back to Hedland, the car was under warranty and on ringing the Pilbara dealer on Monday, I was told (having dropped the blokes out to a sight they wanted to look at) that they might get around to looking at it on Thursday, I of course stirred up Macquarie University and the WA geological survey mobs and it was done by Tuesday.
On Wednesday I ran the guys to Hedland to pick it up, did a bit of shopping and got treated to a nice lunch, and drove back to the camp, I stayed in front on the bitumen and they had no trouble, I got them to take the front on the dirt road and just as well, we got to within about ten kilometres of the camp and the brand new car broke down once more, I towed them back in again and on Thursday back came the tilt truck to take the Toyota back to Hedland, the student went with it and came back with a hire car, they then went out to their site on Friday morning and came back today, Sunday afternoon. Just after they had left the camp I had a phone call saying the vehicle was fixed, I told them when they came in this afternoon.


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