Monday, May 31, 2004

Birthday surprise

Well today is Monday the thirty first of May, and tomorrow is my birthday. A couple of the blokes from Bamboo were working down at the mill, loading a couple of trailers on the road train that are needed at the other mine. I had taken them some lunch around noon when a plane approached, it buzzed us and done a couple of loops then landed on the old airstrip , I wandered over to see who it was, having a good idea that it was my geologist mate, it was him flying the plane, and out he jumped, followed by Mike, the American guy, and a girl, Naomi who is some kind of engineer. I knew they were going to fly down and take some photos of the area but was double surprised when they brought out a cake for my birthday, complete with candles, they came over to the mill, lit the candles and sang happy birthday to me.
I was double chuffed, first time I have ever heard about someone getting a birthday cake flown into a camp in the middle of the bush albeit a day early, but a lovely surprise all the same


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