Sunday, March 07, 2004

Wednesday & Thursday

I tend to wander about a fair bit with this journal, the last two episodes, for want of a better word took place on Friday, but Wednesday and Thursday were unusually busy for me in the camp.

I woke up on Wednesday, I had a fairly good nights sleep after my day out in Hedland and looking at all the photos my Chinese mate in town had downloaded for me, and I was expecting just the normal mundane day in camp, a few chores and a bit of a look around to check things out. I was semi expecting some guys from Bamboo to come in and grab some spares, and take the service truck away to be used at Bamboo, but I had been expecting them for the last week, so while I still had it I thought I would fill my generator tanks up to the brim and check out the truck so it was ready to go. I had done this and was thinking about what I was going to have for my supper that night, when the phone rang and it was the boss telling me he would be over in about an hour and a half, and bringing a bloke to have a look at giving him a price for some crushing of a trial batch of ore.

No worries I thought, I have something I can give them for lunch if they need it, and everything is in order, so I just relaxed and waited for them to arrive. When they came, I went out to meet them, Peter the boss made a dive for the phone and I was having a chat with Joe Fundacaro, the bloke who was giving the quote for the crushing. I had known Joe for a number of years and had worked on jobs where he was doing the crushing before. Peter came out from the office having made sure everyone on all the mines he is in charge of were doing the right thing and was quite surprised to see me and Joe chatting away like old friends, which of course we are. They were going up to Mickeys Find to look at the ore body they were going to mine and I tagged along, I am always interested in what is going on and hoped to find out a bit about the old timers mines that were up in the hills, so I now know a bit about present plans and a bit more about the old days and the mining that went on then. We did that, had a look at the processing plant that Joe will be feeding into, then retired to the shade of the camp for a well earned cuppa, I made some tea and asked if they would like some lunch but they declined and settled for a couple of biscuits and a bit of my home made fudge, then dashed off back to Bamboo. As he was leaving, Peter happened to mention that they were sending an excavator back to Hedland and it would be diverting the twenty kilometres to patch up the road that was cut, so the two blokes who were coming to get the spares and the service truck could get out with no problems, and by the way they will be staying the night, with that he was gone.

I quickly made a decision to feed them on steak and chips with a couple of eggs on top and took some T bones out of the freezer and some sausages in case they wanted to fire up the barbecue, looked around and realising I had the makings for some Apple pie decided I would make one and serve it with a bit of cream I had in the fridge for a bit of desert. I waited and waited and nobody came, I went down to the bit of road that was cut and there was nobody there, so I crossed over the creek, which had stopped flowing from the day before and drove out to the highway in case they had come to grief somewhere on the soft dirt, they were nowhere to be seen so I returned to the camp and wondered what I was going to do with the steaks I had defrosting, deciding I would be eating extremely well for a couple of days if they didn’t come I stopped worrying and started putting some pictures up to my picture site.
A couple of hours later they turned up and after introducing ourselves to each other, and showed one of them the room I had got ready for him (the other bloke has a permanent room here) they set off for the workshop to start the digger we have here to make sure it was running, and I set to work making an Apple and blackberry pie for afters. The returned and I told them we were having steak, eggs and chips for tea, and they reckoned that was just the stuff to feed them, them being hairy arsed miners who enjoy such tucker and had a shower before their dinner. I set to making the pie, and they came in showered and between us we cooked tea, me putting the pies (I made two), Len cooking the t bones and Argyll, for that was the other blokes name, looking after the chips, between us we made and then ate a good feed, and we finished one pie between us, with lashings of cream, they were stoked and reckon it was the best feed they had had for ages, I was glad they were happy and we then went and sat outside, drunk a few beers and swapped bullshit for a couple of hours, before going to our beds.

We woke up about five the next morning and they set to work after a quick coffee and a fag, and they were back again at about eight for breakfast, they had sausages, eggs and beans, some toast, I just had toast and cereal, a couple of cups of tea and some orange juice and they were away back to Bamboo, both swearing that they had never been so well looked after since their Mum had looked after them. I seem to have gained a couple of good friends and lost my service truck, after this things returned back to normal, and I spent the rest of the day it my usual slow and steady way, and that’s how is should be, but I was glad of all the company and had enjoyed having the visitors.


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