Friday, March 26, 2004

R & R

I went on R & R on St. Patricks day, was pleased to be home, and to see how my remaining puppy was doing, the kids took seven of them down a pet shop, much to my disgust, I reckon they would be just old enough to leave their Mum when I got home, I think the main reason they went was because it was too much trouble to catch them every time they took the BMW out and brought it back again, my one pup was doing well, has the colouring of her grandmother but the shorter hair of her mother, she also has her dads ears, and a personality (can dogs have a personality or should it be a dogonality) all her own, loves the missus to bits and is into any mischief she can find, that is what makes pups so lovable I guess.
Gave the wife some cash to have her hair done on the Thursday, so she buggered off to the city and I never saw her all day, I even pretended to like her hair when she did come home, she cooked some Asian food for me that night which was a nice change from me cooking for myself. Friday I checked out this restaurant that I had painted a few months back and promised to go back on Sunday to make good all the damage they had done with builders and doors they had had to widen, I did it Sunday and should have charged them but didn’t, told them they were on their own from now on in, as I am back in the bush. I also went and had a haircut and my beard trimmed by my voluptuous barber, I enjoy her cutting my hair, she is just rough enough to be very sexy, specially that hair with the dark roots and tips and the bottle blonde in between, the tattoo on her back that you just get a hint of as she works helps a lot as well.
Saturday me and the wife went and saw our friends late morning, nothing exciting there, but we came home with a load of garden vegetables and herbs. We stopped on the way back at the markets and had a feed of Japanese tucker, cooked by the girl down the road, who now only has one dog, but still a great pair of jeans, the other dog, tried to get through a small cat flap on new years when the fireworks went off and frightened him and he died there of fear and being stuck I guess, we bought some fruit and a few bits of tat, and I grabbed a cheap bag to carry my computer back to work with, then had a quiet evening at home.
Sunday, she went off to the Temple and I set off to make good the restaurant. When I had finished that, I went and visited a mate who lives that side of town, I had told him I was coming but was more than surprised when he gave me crayfish for my lunch, together with several cups of strong tea, the temperature was well over the hundred and nothing beats eating seafood and drinking hot tea in an air conditioned place in that weather, I finished me lunch, had a chat for a while and was given a bottle of rum, that he has had for some years and can’t drink because he is a diabetic, it didn’t stop him from having a drop of good port with me after lunch though, I poodled home a long way round and after a good tea spent another quiet night with the wife and the telly.
Monday came and I was away to the city on the train, my main reason to go into Perth was to see if I could find some maps of the area I am working in, I had been told about this shop about ten years ago, and bought some maps there, surprisingly it was still there but on the other side of the road, I told the young girl what I was after and she produced them in a flash, so armed with the maps I was happy. Next door was a music shop that sold instruments and such, I took the opportunity and bought some strings for my banjo, once I had got the strings my next request made the bloke serving me laugh, I asked for a book to teach yourself the banjo, after he picked himself up of the floor he sold me a book and I was away to grab a bit of lunch in the Hay street mall. Now unlike in America, a Mall here is a pedestrian precinct and not a shopping centre, this one has a few al fresco coffee shop thingies and I sat down there and had a pot of tea and a sandwich followed by a piece of cheese cake and watched the world go by, pretty quiet being a Monday, but there was a fair smattering of poseurs, a whole troop of Japanese schoolgirls resplendent in their sailor suit uniforms and slack baggy socks, a group of Thai School kids also came by, but they were dressed in just ordinary cloths. I listened to a few buskers whilst sitting there but nothing special, I was hoping to see the young South American woman who plays violin there some times, I had bought a CD from her and then lost it, and hoped to replace it but maybe next time.
I got chatting, first to an old Scouser who had been in Australia about the same time as myself, and then to an English bloke and his wife who were on holiday and had been here five times in all and wished they had come here years ago. I then caught the train home, did a bit of shopping, and bought some cray fish for the wife, as I was feeling guilty because I had eaten some the day before, she was over the moon when I arrived home with it.
Tuesday I did a little shopping for last minute things like tobacco and fag papers and such and then had an early tea and to bed so I would get up easier at three in the morning to return to work.


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