Friday, February 27, 2004

A Sunday drive

It hadnt rained since Friday when I had almost an inch, it was Sunday morning, I had done my chores around the place so I decided to have a look at Panorama station. This station had been abandoned for some time but I thought I might be able to find something there that would interest me, I pulled up at the old homestead, nothing fancy this, just an old fibro house on one level, steel framed and corrugated iron roof. I am not sure how long it has been abandoned but most of the roofing iron had been blown off and scattered around the countryside and someone had been there and set it on fire at some stage. There was a workshop very close to the house with a kitchen of sorts, big sink was still there, and a few bits and pieces, this was probably the room where killers were slaughtered and butchered I would hazard a guess, nothing there now of any interest. There was a much larger shed about forty metres away, probably where the farm machinery was worked on, the framework was still there and a few pieces of tin sheeting that hadn't blown away as yet, and a huge tower, I should imagine for radio communication.

After I looked around the homestead I drove out of the gate and saw a bit of a track and some bit's and pieces up on a bit of a rise, I drove up this bit of a slope and as I crossed the crown, I realized I had found something interesting, I had found the stations rubbish tip, well the one for solid things anyway, before me were several wrecked vehicles, some old trailers and a couple of motorbikes. What I did recognize there were two old Bedford buses, one an old A series, with the nose sticking out the front, the other I was not sure about as it was built with the cab over the chassis in such a way that you couldn't see what model it was, they were both pretty far gone, but all the chassis and wheels were there, and the panels on the A series were all pretty sound, they would be able to be rebuilt , the major problem of course would be the retrieval, being about fifty kilometres up a dirt road and well hidden in a gully. There were also a couple of chassis of old Willys jeeps, both cack handers, a few old cars and two Japanese motorbikes, scattered around were all sorts of old equipment including a cement mixer.

I spent a bit of time taking photographs (which I can't get downloaded until I get to Hedland) and then wandered off down a well beaten track to the south of the station, this track meandered along for about five kilometres until I came suddenly across a stack of old core sample trays, and some concrete building foundations, I went a bit further and saw part of a processing plant, an old loader bucket and a few bits and pieces, it looked as though the mining had gone on on the other side of a creek, and it looked as though it would be too difficult to cross over, so I turned home and called it a day, but I will investigate the area again when I have some spare time.


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