Friday, February 06, 2004

Day one

So there I was, in the camp, slept like a log and woke up as the sun was threatening to peep over the hills, tore myself from my bed, and ventured outside, now it had been coming on dark when I arrived the previous evening, so I made my way to the mess hall/kitchen made myself a cuppa and had a bit of a look around. Now I had passed a bit of a sign on the way in that said Panorama station no shooting, well I couldn't see anything to shoot but I could see why it was called Panorama station, the view in all directions was magnificent, the sort of view that takes your breath away, and seen as only it can be seen in the early morning, blue hills in the distance going on and on and seeming to be just waking up, as I was, a couple of hundred metres down from the kitchen window was a mob of cattle, maybe seven or eight, walking in a single file towards a water hole, for their morning drink I suppose.

I had me cup of tea and reckoned another one was called for, so made that and had a bowel of cereal and some toast and marmalade, then I decided to look around the site and see what was what, jumped in the old landcruiser and wandered down to check the generator. The generator was purring away, oil pressure was good, temperatures were sweet, fuel was adequate, so I drove carefully around the cows and had a look at the gold processing plant, checked out all the different buildings down the work area and then came back to the camp to check that out, had a look in all the rooms, found a radio in one so took that to my room for safe keeping and went back and made another cup of tea.

I had to wait for the big boss from Bamboo who was coming over to show me the ropes more or less, I had found some frozen bacon the night before and it had not thawed enough for bacon and eggs for breakfast but by now it was thawed enough for me to make a bacon sandwich for my lunch. The big boss made an appearance after lunch, he rang and said he would be there about four, so he came in said jump in the car and I will show you around, he took me about ten kilometers to the south where there was an old mine that used to dig for drilling mud, there was a bore set up there, run by an old Lister diesel engine, he showed me how to start and stop it and pump water to the camp.

We then came back and he showed me how to start the other generators at the processing plant to pump diesel and the layout of the place, where the gas was kept and all that sort of thing. We then went on a mine tour so to speak, they are mining an area called Mickey's Find, drove up there and admired some even more fantastic views, he pointed out where an old copper mine used to be and we headed back to camp, when we got there the water tank was over flowing. He buggered off back to Bamboo and I went and turned the water pump off, he also showed me how to work the television before we parted company.

I then cooked myself some tea, I had lamb cutlets and some vegetables copious cups of tea and settled down to watch TV.

There ends the first day in my new home


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