Friday, February 27, 2004

Another rainy day

It was early Thursday morning, I rang my contact at the Bamboo mine to find out what if anything was happening, they had been talking about bringing a truck in here to grab some spares for their digger and I wanted to be at the place where I came to grief last week, to see what they were going to do when they came to the part of the road that wasn’t there. Sharon told me that she would get back to me but it didn’t look like the truck would come today, well I went out and did a bit of work, fueled up and serviced a few things and had a good check around, and came back to the camp about mid day to find a message for me, I rang back and found that they needed some things over at Bamboo that I had here, loads of linen and pillows and three working bar fridges, I had already sourced all this stuff about a week before and was waiting for the call, I loaded the stuff on, with a bit of grunting and groaning and set of at twenty to one, grabbing some muesli bars to eat on the way, I had a water bottle so I could get a drink, I had already checked out the vehicle.

I set of down my driveway (as you remember a fifty kilometre stretch of dirt road) and it was a fairly straightforward drive through the hills and across the plain. The road was a little more scoured and washed out in places, as we had copped about another inch of rain since I had driven it last week, but no great challenge, I did the first thirty kilometres and came to the creek I had bogged in the week before, I checked it out and as it was pretty much the same I went through in the wheel tracks I had made the week before, not on the side I bogged on but the up side where I had come back. On I went the last twenty kilometres to the bitumen with no worries and out on the main road for the jaunt towards Marble bar, nothing much of any excitement happened on this leg of the journey, I just drove down admiring the green countryside and the few animals I saw, enjoyed the drive through the hills just after the Coongan river, imagining I was on some alpine pass (I had the air conditioner on full blast) I took it steady until I came to the Bamboo creek turn off. On turning onto this road, a dirt road, I noticed that there was a grader parked up in the area there and thought< I wonder if he has been through, luckily he had and once over the bit of the Coongan river that crosses the road just there, and which was flowing about 150 ml (six inches) across the road, it was a pleasant journey the fifty kilometres or so into Bamboo Creek mine, I found Sharon (a girl I talk to daily but had never met) and we unloaded the stuff I had brought, had a cup of tea and a natter, and I set off back to my camp, not before I had managed to snaffle a few bits of cake and some bananas for a snack on the way home.

I don’t know if you have ever talked to somebody on a regular basis, maybe on the phone or in a chat room on the internet, but you get a picture in your mind about how they look, the picture I had in my mind of Sharon was that she was about thirty five, and a very small skinny woman, but she turned out to be about twenty three or four and a statuesque girl, standing six foot two in her high heeled safety boots, and she just oozed personality, she was wearing the general issue green king gee shorts and shirt that are mostly worn in the mining industry, which in no way made her look anything but very feminine, we sat and had a chat as I said and a cuppa and I could have stayed all day talking, as you can when you haven’t seen another person for a week, but I wanted to get back before the daylight was gone and she of course had work to do.

As I set off there was a heavy shower and it spat with rain most of the way back to the black top, once on the main road there was no rain, but I could see it in the distance and the way I was going to boot. I had got about twenty kilometres up the road and I could see the rain off to my left, a little bit on the east side of the range and a lot on the west side, now this was a bit of a worry because even though I was driving on to the east of the hills, on a bitumen road, once I turned onto my dirt road I would be driving up the west side of the hills, anyway soon after I had seen the rain it all came over the road, and from then on it was raining very heavily till I came to my turn off, as I came up the dirt road it eased off a bit, but the road was as slippery as butchers knife, and clingy, I thought the best bet was to engage four wheel drive, so jumped out and engaged the hubs for better traction, after about twenty kilometres the rain eased off, I made it through the creek there with no troubles although I could feel it trying to grab me, breathed a sigh of relief and carried on home, checked out the rain gauge, and there was 5.2 mls showing. I got in, made a cup of tea and sorted out something to eat and then the rain came back, it seemed to rain most of the night but there was only 20 mls in the gauge this morning, it has been almost raining all day, but has set in now and is much heavier, must be that cyclone that may or may not form off of the coast, oh well I have enough food and drink for a month if it does turn into a cyclone and I have been wanting to stop smoking for quite some time.


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