Monday, February 16, 2004

After the rain

Well! The other day we had a bit of rain, that I had estimated a about 25 Mls, well I have since discovered the rain gauge, and that tells me that since I got here there has been ninety Mls, yesterday, Sunday we had two storms that came over, and must have dropped another sixty five Mls (about two and a half inches), it rained for two periods of about an hour each in the afternoon and evening. The storms were that severe that they dropped all my fancy communications gear, so I was sitting here with no radio, television or computer, I remembered that I could read and went to bed early with a good book, well the best book I had.

All the roads in this part of the world are closed so I can't get out, and nothing can get in, the countryside is getting greener by the minute and the birds are thinking of mating, good rain means good food, and as you all know a pleasant outlook and a good feed always makes your mind turn to sex. As I can't get out and am short of bread, I thought it would be a good opportunity to make some, looked on the net for a recipe, found one that called for three cups of self raising flour, a stubby of beer at room temperature a pinch of salt and a little sugar, well I had all that, threw it in a bowl, and mixed it up, I had all ready put the oven on , then I looked for a bread tin, I found a big baking tray, and slopped my mixture onto that, of course the tin was far too big for the mixture, but the result was a rather rustic looking loaf, I had sprinkled some cheese on top, and even though it didn't look like your average Mother's Pride, it looked quite nice and tasted pretty damn good, more like damper than bread but not too bad for an old rough tough hairy arsed miner, I will make it again but maybe put some herbs or something in it.

There is not much else to report, the wet countryside has slowed my exploring down a fair bit as I am not game to go off the beaten track, or silly enough. If the rain allows me to, I will go to the metropolis of Hedland on Thursday, I have already contacted a man there who will either sell me a card reader or download my memory cards of pictures onto a CD rom, so we should have some pictures somewhere shortly.


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